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Moving can be a total emotional upheaval. Yes, you’ll get used to your new home and a different grocery store, but moving is the third most stressful thing you can go through, following death and divorce, for a reason. Moving presents you with an array of emotions, from the anticipation of the new house and meeting the neighbors to the stress of the to-do list that never ends. Take a walk or talk to friends so you can release some stress that comes with moving. Prioritize self-care to keep yourself healthy so you can be there to support your kids, too.
Relocating brings a lot of joy and a chance to organize your life, but you’ll also face some stress and worry throughout the process. Though they don’t mean to, your kids can make preparing for the move a little more complicated. With the right approach to moving, from letting your children help pack boxes to relieving your own stress, you can both empower and reassure your children and streamline the process of getting from here to there.

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